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Product Code 250401472000
Color light brown/grey
Size 105 x 43 x 48cm
Materials Natural Wood
Weight 7.4kg
Warranty 1Year(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 10Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size Packing 1:
Width 108 x Depth 46 x Height 17 cm
Packing 2:
Width 51 x Depth 45 x Height 28 cm 
Package Weight 7.9kg

An antibacterial, deodorant, and antiviral processed bench. Just wipe, just wash. *1 Simple, clean, and hassle-free.

* Suppresses the growth of bacteria on the product.
The growth of bacteria (*2) is suppressed to 1/100 or less compared to unprocessed products.

* Reduced the number of specific viruses on the product.
Compared to unprocessed products, the growth of viruses (*2) is reduced to less than 1/100. The effect lasts as long as the
wooden part paint film is not lost.
It is a finish that allows you to feel the texture of solid laminated wood, which is the same as normal painting.
Cloth part
*1 We have confirmed the durability of about 10 washes. *It is an inspection value under specific conditions, not a guaranteed value.
(Public institution: Microbe Investigations AG, BUREAU VERITAS research)
*2 Antibacterial and deodorant processing and antiviral processing are not intended to treat or prevent illness.
・This product does not guarantee infection prevention.
・Antibacterial and antiviral properties do not suppress the action of all bacteria and viruses.
・The effect may be reduced depending on the usage environment and surface conditions (friction, dirt, etc.)
・Antibacterial test

[Testing organization]
Broken Quality Evaluation Organization

[Testing method]
JIS Z 2801:2012 (Film adhesion method)
Antiviral test
[Testing organization]
Broken Quality Evaluation Organization
[Test method]
ISO 21702:2019 applied

[Test virus]
ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope), ATCC VR-782 (without envelope)

antibacterial test
[Test organization]
Microbe Investigations AG

[Test method]
ISO 20743 (JIS L 1902)
Antiviral test

[Test institute]

[Test method]
ISO 18184:2019

[Test virus]
ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) and ATCC VR-782 (without envelope) left at 25°C for 2 hours.

The warm finish on the seat with fabric cover is timeless and goes well with any room.
The backrest has a unique design that gives your room a stylish look.
The seat is made without a bottom plate and is soft and comfortable to sit on.
By removing the cloth seat cover, it can be used as a chair with an easy-to-clean synthetic leather seat that can be wiped clean.
In addition, the cover can be washed in a washing machine (net / weak), so you can always use it cleanly.

This product is for general household use.
It is not designed for commercial use.