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Product Code 250854207700
Size 112 x 25 x 5.5cm
Materials STEEL ABS
Weight 0.9kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 25 x 4 x 75cm
Package Weight 1.05kg
Recommended for use in small spaces with a width of 73cm-112cm and a depth of 25cm. It is recommended for use in small spaces. The pole can be operated separately on the left and right sides, so it can be used on walls with steps.

This product can be installed on a wall with a difference in level
●The mini size of the shelf makes the best use of a small gap

*The poles can be operated separately only on one side. The pole on the shelf side is fixed

■ Mounting width (approx.): 73-112cm
■ Size (approx.): 25cm (depth) x 5.5cm (height)
■ Load capacity reference
For mounting width 73cm: load capacity (approx.) up to 20kg
For mounting width 112cm: load capacity (approx.) up to 10kg
■ Material
Pipe: Iron pipe (epoxy resin powder coating)
Resin: ABS resin, polypropylene, synthetic rubber (EVA resin)
Screws and fittings: Iron (plated finish)

[Precautions for handling]
Make sure to install on a strong enough surface such as concrete wall, mortar, pierced wall, or thick board.
Make sure to install in a strong enough place.
Do not use the product in direct sunlight, high temperatures, or in humid places such as bathrooms. (This may cause deterioration or rusting.)
Make sure to use the product within the range of the indicated load capacity.
Please do not concentrate the load in one place, but distribute it evenly.
Please do not apply a sudden load, pull strongly, shake, or hang the product, as this may cause it to fall or cause injury.
Please do not place dangerous, valuable, or potentially damaging items on, over, or around the product in case of emergency.
Adherence to deodorants, air fresheners, cosmetics, hair dressing, acidic detergents, alkaline detergents, fats, oils, or organic solvents (benzene, thinner, etc.) may cause alteration and deterioration.
Scratches on the surface of the pipe may cause dirt to penetrate and rust to occur.
The resin part will be deteriorated by oil adhesion and ultraviolet rays due to its characteristics.
Sometimes there is rust-proof oil on the pipe.

Since there is no problem in use, but there is a possibility of sticking to clothes, please wipe off before use.
Please check the installation status after 2 to 3 days of installation and periodically once a week.